Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~i dream of shopping~

Well, shopping is never a dream actually, because I tend to make it come true J Been browsing a few things, and these are a few of my wishlist, from DKNY and Zara:

DKNY, this style is suitable for my next Euro-trip. But I don't think I would wear it like that. Mister Partner would never approve me of wearing jumpsuits.

Also DKNY, I like the combination of colours. Choosing not to go overboard with vibrant colors, DKNY opt to add in splashes of a lighter shade of orange. LOVE it!

So, move on to ZARA, these lines are available in Zara stores this month. I would love to travel in these simple colour combinations:

And just look at THESE colours! :

Browns are popular last autumn/ winter, but they'll still look great anytime. My sis already owns this dress. Hmm, jealous of her (though I don't think it's suitable for me).

Zara.. sells shawls with various patterns, and I always like 'em, cos they're in a large size, like 2.5m x 1m (approximately imagining in my head). These are a few which I would like to have! Pleaseee..

Oh, and Alexa, don't forget her! Mulberry's Alexa handbag. Love the scenes they took with Alexa as the sole traveller.

But that is another Alexa, I would like to have this one. Can I buy it online, Mister Partner? (I always ask him cos sometimes I like to hear him say know, and then I have a reason not to buy, brilliant 'ite? :) But still, it would be great to have one *drooling*). The colour is so in season.

Monday, May 30, 2011

~the geli glee~

Assalamualaikum folks J How’d you been doing? Alhamdulillah, hope for all the best to all of you. I watched Glee season 2 almost every week, but I skipped 2 or three episodes lately. That is simply because Glee becomes geli-er (disgusting? hmm, funnier – in a negative way) for each episode. Because they seem to stress on being a gay, lesbian or -  homosexual, and to be cool about it. If I have a kid, I wouldn’t watch this. This is totally against the teaching of Islam. We are now educating our Muslim children of tomorrow with this phenomenon. In rural areas like Kedah, Perlis, we seldomly (never at the moment) encounter these people. But in the more advanced places, there are quite a lot of them. The most important thing is to constantly learn about Islam, by going to mosques and attending majlis ilmu to always remind us that the only important thing is to serve ourselves to Allah, that Allah has all the power and the will to give and take whatever He wants. There are also mediums like the radio (IKIM.fm) or Kedah.fm which have teachings and sharing the knowledge of Islam, and then the Internet.
I pray for all of them Muslims to go the correct path as what Islam teach us to be. I don’t know if I’m the right person to point out about this. But we can always help other muslims to be reminded right? J I’m improving myself too, in a small way. I’m not saying I’m right, but it’s a responsibility of mine to share it with you guys (though it’s just a teeny tiny bit).
With that, I end this post with a video clip from Glee. Love the song, but please ignore the message they’re trying to point out there, which they think is positive but they’re truly not.

p/s: Boring2 tengokla jugak Glee ni, sebab best dengar lagu2 yang reminded me when I used to write the lyrics by listening (not googling like now) J Toodles~~

Saturday, May 28, 2011

~the weekend style~

Assalamualaikum gorgeousitas,
Don't know exactly what to write here. Just wanna share some of my pics (and my sis).
Shawl (pashmina) bought at Gurney Plaza, Penang, blue leopard cardigan with lace at the back F21,
white top with beautiful flares Sportsgirl from Perth, jeans R&R,
flats LV, stam bag Marc Jacobs

Sis is wearing IlsyaHijab shawl, shirt??, Zara jeans,
Hush Puppies Clarks shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo vintage sling bag

Shawl Sugarscarf, Zara striped top, cardigan Valleygirl from Perth,
Tendence watch, jean, bag and flats same as previous

Shawl bought online (can't remember the name), top Topshop, cardigan F21,
flats Tod's, jeans and bag as previous
Sis on the left is wearing Nichii shawl (which is mine), top Kenzo, blue pants MNG,
flipfops (what are they called actually?) DKNY, sling bag Prada
I'm wearing leopard shawl from Sugarscarf (super loving it), pink blouse DKNY, inner top F21, jeans R&R,
bag Gucci, flats Tod's

my new Thomas Sabo necklace, with a green parrot and a strawberry!

 So, that's all. Ciao!

~starting to cook~

Assalamualaikum ladies,
This is a late entry (yesterday's to be exact).
A lot has been going on lately. Most of them are my office work, planning for vacations (yay) and then the renovation of my house, although the latter one is mostly handled by Mister Partner. But I feel him, he’s been quite worked out lately too. 3 straight weekends of going to KL (driving) by us both since late April and that only had already worn us out. And it’s been 3 days he stayed at Juru till today, as his boss visited him from KL. So yeah, I’m lazing my *ss off, taking naps after work, haven’t done any cleaning up this 3 days. So hopefully this evening I’ll have the will to get my room tidied up J cheer up for me guys!
I’ve been watching a lot of cooking shows on tv, and they've really driven me to cook. My mum seldomly stores a lot of raw ingredients. So it was quite limited to try out the recipes from the cooking shows. I’ve already bought my own preference of ingredients from Pasar Tani or the ‘farm market’ last weekend, and I cooked them all up in just a day. Pasar Tani is a convenient place to buy raw ingredients, be it wet or dry. Last weekend I bought half chicken, carrot, tomatoes and parsley. You know why just those ingredients which I bought? Haha, actually that was my first time buying them at Pasar Tani. My colleagues and I often go to Pasar Tani first thing in the morning to buy something to eat. There are various of delicious food, namely porridge (can choose the fillings – minced chicken and meat, salted egg, scramble egg, salted fish and pekasam), spiced chicken with coconut rice, rice herbs (I don’t know what to call nasi ulam – which is white rice mixed with different types of herbs or ulam), satay, and kuih (various of them, namely apom lenggang, doughnuts and pak tongko, and also puddings in more than 10 different flavors). Aren’t you tempted? J But last weekend was when I bought the things for me to cook. The hard part is actually bringing the stuff into the lift and up to the twelfth floor. Some of the older colleagues always bought raw ingredients. So this time, the freezer at the pantry was almost full, with me wanting to join the group. If not now, then when can I cook right? Shouldn’t stop myself from learning to cook for my family right?
This weekend I think I want to try out cooking fish (big ones like Siakap, Kerapu or Jenahak). Sorry for the Malay language, I’m quite poor remembering which name is for which fish. Seabass? Grouper? Help me here guys :p To cook a fish, maybe I need to look up the Youtube, and find one easy enough yet has a different taste for my family. Maybe I’ll try something European? Love the simple cooking from Nigella of Nigella’s Kitchen or Nigella Bites at TLC. So, I’ll end this post for you to enjoy the following video (ain’t she a beautiful makcik?)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~Markdowns for Philippines items~


These items was bought in Clark, Philippines. And I’m sure it wasn’t available in Malaysia. There are two types of items, bangles and shawls. Do click on the image for a better, larger picture. Feel free to ask questions regarding the items.

Info on items:
1.      Bangles are made of Capiz shell. Capiz is actually the name of a province in the Philippines. The province is known for the brilliant Capiz shell produced. The shells are used for decoration purposes, such as lanterns and vases (and in this case, bangles!). The Capiz shell has a luster similar to mother of pearl shells.
2.      The shawls are available in bright yellow and turquoise blue. The material, cotton. I was so in love with this shawls (both the colours), that I can’t resist selling them to you lovelies J
So, here are the items, pick yours now. Very limited, and at low prices.
Item Code: BB01
Yellow Capiz bangle

RM 16 each
RM 12 each

Item Code: BB02
Pink Capiz bangle

RM 16 each
RM 12 each

Item Code: BB03
White Capiz bangle

RM 16 each
RM 12 each

Item Code: BB04
Turquoise Green Capiz bangle (slightly smaller than BB01 and BB02)

RM 10 each
RM 7 each

Item Code: BB05
White Capiz bangle (larger than all the above)

RM 26 each
RM 18 each
This is how you can wear them, match 'em with different colours!

Item Code: BB06
Bright Yellow Cotton Shawl

(yellow is currently in season- for the spring /summer look :) )
RM 39 each
RM 29 each

Item Code: BB07
Turquoise Blue Cotton Shawl

RM 39 each
RM 29 each
 So, hope you like it. Email me your details to cheryl.einstein@gmail.com and I'll inform the total price including postage. Details to be informed:
1. Name
2. Postage Address
3. Phone Number
4. Item Code
Postage will be from RM 5 to RM 6 only, depending on quantity.
Postage fees:
1 to 2 item(s) = RM6.00
3 and above = RM5.00 
Once payment has been made, send me your receipts for proof of payment. Come on, get your stuff now! :) 
If you are also interested in other stuff, please go HERE. It was my first preloved items. You can mix your items with the previous available items.
Source: Wikipedia

Thursday, May 12, 2011

~europe perhaps?~

Assalamualaikum guys,

I was actually planning to go for a vacation, hopefully Europe. But my parents are concerned since the news about the death of Osama was spread. We haven't made any bookings yet. I. am planning to go to a travel agent tomorrow, just to get the idea of how to travel there. I would love some adventure, like exploring the cities on a bike, travelling on trains, going up a hill and so much more. I was thinking of backpacking, but mister partner said that it would not be necessary. Travelling during the summer might be easy I think. Cos I've been to Europe during the winter, and we brought the largest baggage cos of the size of the clothes (they're thick). So this summer would be lighter in terms of baggage, but would be heavier in terms of costs! The flight cost is 2 times higher compared to winter times. But hey, this is the time.
the last time mister partner and i went to paris, these are what we got
So maybe we'll take AirAsia to Paris, then go to Brussels, then Amsterdam. The rest we'll see. Maybe they'll be changes as to where we'll actually go. Maybe we'll visit Geneva again. Cos the last time we're there we only manage to visit a relative, nowhere else. I've gone to London two times, so nope, I won't go there again this time.

Oh, and I ordered Ipad2 online, and it was expected to arrive on 27 May 2011. Hope it'll be on time. I also got myself the cover, and it's gonna arrive tomorrow. Apple ships their stuff separately according to availability. Can I update my blog thru Ipad? Mister partner already has one, the earlier version though, but I'd never tried to update my blog there. What I expect from this Ipad is to take pictures from its camera, and update my blog with pics and all. Wouldn't that be great? Hmm.. I'll continue fantasizing now... Bye :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

~baju raya~

Assalamualaikum girls. Yeah, raya puasa is arriving soon. Not to mention I haven’t yet completed qada’(or replace) of last puasa which I missed. I’d complete them in time, insyaAllah. Besides qada’ puasa, the first thing to think about is to meet up with the tailor to design our baju raya. I’ve bought the textiles from Jakel Shah Alam. I’m always into chiffon silk (the shiny ones) and satin silk for my baju kurung. So, these are the materials which I bought. This season, the 6 inches lace is in. I managed to match it up with a geometrical design chiffon silk. The price was RM680 per meter before discount. After discount it was RM 480. Let’s see how the baju kurung turns out to be (lambat lagi la kan, dekat nak raya baru siap). So, we’ll wait till then J

Sneak peeks before the actual things are ready:
geometrical design chiiffon and lace
yellow chiffon with pink protruding flowers lace

batik bought at Alta Moda, which is located at the block behind Jakel Shah Alam.
They make their own batik designs. Their ready made baju kurung are cute too!

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