Tuesday, January 22, 2013

~i miss u~

*sigh* (Instead of sighing, why don't we say Astaghfirullah).

Let's start again.

Astaghfirullah. (that's more like it).
How I miss blogging so much.

I want to blog.. except that I don't have the necessary time to do it.
Because there are other priorities, like office work, house work, travelling.

But I do hope I can blog more often.. as I've done before. Not that frequent, but maybe I'll find some spare time..

But then there's TV, movies.. shopping.. and reciting Quran.. and cooking.

I never sleep when I got home from work. I've done that before. And I realized that it makes me more tired. Making my body feel tensed. Hence no late afternoon nap..

Mister Partner and I always say time is running out. Everyday we're running out of time.
We don't have the time to perform ibadah, ie recite the Quran al-Karim, pray sunat prayers, read Islamic books..
And then there's.. death..

So yeah..
..reminding myself to stay in the right path.
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