Thursday, January 27, 2011

~about work~

It is not that busy here in Alor Setar. I worked in a comfortable environment here, not that hectic and pumped up like if you’re in KL (I imagined it that way). Mister Partner works in Penang, so it is busy for him on weekdays, driving to Penang and back. I really appreciate what he’s done for me. I’ve tried staying in Sungai Petani so as to be fair between us. He headed to Penang and me heading to Alor Setar. But we moved then, because it was tiring for me, causing me a miscarriage (might be one of the strong reasons, allahu’alam).
OK, the entry is on MY work. On a Thursday, our work ends at 3.30 pm. This is to match up the total working hours of other government departments working on a Friday. So us, having Thursdays as our final day of the workdays, get to end ours earlier. Isn’t that great? There had been a few changes of work time before, such as before this our Sundays was given a 2 hour 15 minutes break (12.15 to 2.30), with no Friday prayer to attend to, just go home and sleep J After that the state government change again, to a normal working hours, then this new plan comes.
What do we do going off so early? The girls conducted an aerobic session! It really got me sweaty and fresh.  I like it. We always end up our session with a chicken dance or the pocho-pocho dance. It was very fun and haunting I would say. No wonder those makcik-makcik like pocho-pocho so much. You’ll easily learn the steps if you can catch up with the tune.
Ahh, been delaying to post pix, unfortunately, not now. Maybe later. In the meantime enjoy my entry in text mode.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So here I am, my first time posting an entry using my dell at HOME. Never had the time to do this at home, cos most of the times: watch tv, doing houseworks, sleeping, playing games.

FYI, I've been thinking of selling a few of my preloves. Never thought of doing this thing, but my closet can barely accomodate my clothes. Most of the preloves was a size M or 8. Because now I'm wearing size L, or 12. Do you think anyone would buy?

I can't think writing here at home. So much going thru inside my head right now. Better get a shower. Freshen myself up. Oh, mentioning of taking a bath, I'm currently in love with the OLAY 7 in 1 Shower Cream + Body Butter in Extra Nourishing which moisturises your skin instantly. Maybe cos it's not gel based, plus the body butter texture is perfect for anyone. There is no such thing as an over moisturised skin. Love it. Totally recommending it. Ciao.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

~a twisted cloth~

Guide to wear shawl in various styles, these are a few I’ve found. Yeah, I know some of them are taken from their post MONTHSSS ago, but they’re still stylish, and haven’t run out of trend yet right J so enjoy peeps

ps: Really love the tutorial from Maria Elena's. So, I have to show you the tutorial images from her, hope you don't mind Maria for using your pics :) She's really cool, and I agree when someone said she looks like she's an Arab girl.

Monday, January 10, 2011

~painting on the face~

Wearing shawls should be with makeup on, kalau tak.. habis. If you have a very fair, flawless, well-toned skin then it’ll be ok. I at least have to put the foundation on (of course), blusher, lipstick, and eyeliner. There, quite a work right. But that is always during the weekend, never to work, or going out to eat around my town area. Cincai ja time tu. I love to save mostly everything for the weekend; my favourite clothes, my favourite shawls (never worn a shawl to work you know J), over-the-top makeup, bling blings, standout shoes, contact lenses (I wear glasses to work- most of the times sticking to the 8 hours lens-wearing rule, cos i can’t stand the dryness and irritations).. ahh, countless.  People at work would say I’m a simple girl, not stylish enough. And FYI, I don’t care J Cos I like it this way. Always waiting for the weekends to really style myself up (maybe not that stylish as the SCARFLETS and those fashion bloggers out there). Maybe I’m lazy, but that’s who I am. Terima kasih.

Monday, January 3, 2011

~The Busy Singapore~

Yup, here I am. Arrived from Singapore last Monday night (one week already), then stayed at my uncle’s in Damansara. Well, Singapore was the same as the previous trips, except for the never-been-seen amount of people, millions of them on the streets, in shopping complexes, and also the Universal Studios. The disappointment was not being able to enter Universal Studios (tickets for today are SOLD OUT the sign said). Wah, they mentioned FOR TODAY, that was utterly disappointing. But we managed to take a walk around the area, took some pictures. Jadila kan. That is just one day. The other 2 and a half days we walked,cabbed around Orchard Road, Newton Circus, and around the city. Marina Bay Resort (if I’m not mistaken – lazy to google that up) is quite an attraction. You know, the hotels shaped like 3 deck of cards. They held the Amazing Race challenge up there you know. And looking from below, imagining how they did it was just scary. Sekarang pun dah rasa gayat pikir2 balik. A few pics while in Singapore:

With my auntie. I'm wearing IlsyaHijab shawl, ValleyGirl cardigan from Perth, Zara leopard print top, Somerset Bay purple skirt, LV sneaker-boot.
This is the skirt I mentioned in previous ENTRY.

Shawl Arzu, floral top MNG, striped cardigan F21, jeans HellsBells from Perth.
This is the departure at Changi Airport. Wearing Arzu shawl, British India blouse, R&R jeans, LV sneakers.

With sis. Sis is wearing Esprit shawl, F21 Topshop floral top, cardigan (cant remember Topshop), pants (do you wanna know? from Singapore). I'm wearing Somerset Bay shawl, F21 layered top, Somerset Bay cardigan, R&R jeans, LV sneakers

Outfit to KL International Motorshow 2010, which was WEEEEKS ago:

Najjah shawl, Zara silk blouse, red pants (cant remember, it was at Sunway Pyramid btw), Prada flats

Actually i’ve been wanting to share a link of a totally cool blogger, but that would be next time, insyaAllah J wait yah!
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