Tuesday, January 22, 2013

~i miss u~

*sigh* (Instead of sighing, why don't we say Astaghfirullah).

Let's start again.

Astaghfirullah. (that's more like it).
How I miss blogging so much.

I want to blog.. except that I don't have the necessary time to do it.
Because there are other priorities, like office work, house work, travelling.

But I do hope I can blog more often.. as I've done before. Not that frequent, but maybe I'll find some spare time..

But then there's TV, movies.. shopping.. and reciting Quran.. and cooking.

I never sleep when I got home from work. I've done that before. And I realized that it makes me more tired. Making my body feel tensed. Hence no late afternoon nap..

Mister Partner and I always say time is running out. Everyday we're running out of time.
We don't have the time to perform ibadah, ie recite the Quran al-Karim, pray sunat prayers, read Islamic books..
And then there's.. death..

So yeah..
..reminding myself to stay in the right path.

Friday, March 23, 2012

~online shopping anyone?~

Bismillah, Assalamualaikum everyone :)

You should know that I love online shopping right? :) Anyone who've tried doing it would be addicted. Alhamdulillah, now that my sister has opened an online shopping site, Shippi Shoppe Online. It is more of a collaboration actually, though she did most of the hard work, and I must give her credit for that. Thankfully she's the creative type. Well, enough 'bout us, let's go drool over the items at this site, we call it Shippi Shoppe Online.

You know what, I just love the new shawls, they're prefect for special events, such as birthday party or kenduri kahwin. Yup, they're just perfect. Nowhere else can you get these special designs (not from my observation).

And the preloved stuff, they're mostly seldomly worn or not even worn yet!

So don't wait, follow us at Shippi Shoppe Online now! :) Like us out on Facebook too to get the latest updates.


Friday, March 2, 2012

~work & lunch~

Assalamualaikum lovely readers,

I don’t have the mood to write these few long weeks.

But something just came across my mind after what happened yesterday.

My office is located just next to a large shopping complex. So there’s a reason to go there during lunch break. Usually going there is to eat lunch.. well, duhh! There are 3 places I regularly buy my food, be it dine-in or take away, which is McDonalds, the food court and Dunya Kebab.

So, I’m going to talk about the services.

First off.. McDonalds.. As usual, no fuss at all. Sometimes the lines would be so long, but the wait is reasonable. So it never disappoints me.

The food court.. Well, the Soup stall is always fast and the food never failed you. And then the goreng-goreng stall, though always packed with people ordering, but the time is reasonable, and the makcik is really nice.

But Dunya Kebab..

Before, I seldom go there. Its kebab is too large, and I don’t like to waste though I think it’s delicious. But then my friend showed me another food, the Hot Salad. I tasted it, and it was without surprise, to my liking. Because I like vegetables and the portion is just nice (reminds me of Goldilocks). But I can’t eat vegetables alone, so the chicken kebab included in the salad really compliments it all.

After that I always went there alone. There are 3 permanent girls who handled the booth. One of them is quite pretty, but none of them, even the pretty girl smiled, they even frown most of the times. What was sad was when I ordered Hot Salad, they would say it’s not ready at the moment; the chicken is not yet cooked. That was around 1 pm. Twice that I observed they were making hot salad at around 1.15 pm for someone else. Before, they didn’t even ask me whether I want to wait. That really frustrated me most.
A straight face.
This is a frown. They did give me this face.
 So yesterday I went there again. I can’t help it. Though I have to confront them ‘frowners’ again, and each time I gave them a wide smile which was never returned, I want to have hot salad so much, I have to be patient. There was a new girl, and she was quite polite. She told me it was not ready yet. They were chopping the salads. Though she didn’t ask me whether I wanted to wait, I didn’t mind. She’s not arrogant (no frown). So I told her I’ll come back to take the food. So I walked around the shopping complex without any particular objectives (besides the hot salad). So at 1.15 pm, from level 2, I looked down to the ground floor, and saw the polite girl putting in the sauce into something obstructed from my view. Wow, I guess that’ mine. (because the food stall didn’t receive that many customers). So I went down and peeked at the counter, and there it was ready next to the cash register J So I got my hot salad, just in time. I can still eat it in my office before lunch time ends. Alhamdulillah.
So the conclusion is to SMILE, no matter where you are or to whom (lady to lady especially). And then to always work sincerely, with all our heart (not just WORK work, but also other tasks and actions we do).
And remember to make others happy. Like the case above, to make the customers happy.
Sincerity is what we’re hard to do. I remembered that when shaking hands (bersalaman), we should hold the hands firmly and really mean it, and look at them and smile. Because sometimes I encounter people who shook hands while their face is looking at another direction. Weird! But no hard feelings.. because we should always forgive people.
So that’s all folks. This is somewhat a reminder to myself. To always smile no matter what, and also not to look down on others. Be patient with one another. Maybe with time, we’ll change for the best, anyone can change with Allah’s will. Don’t deny that.
- excuse me for any grammar mistakes :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Assalamualaikumwarahmatullah lovely bunch,

It's been a while. Been having loads of work these past month. Last night I sent Mister Partner to the airport. He went to Iksan, Korea to train the engineers there. His boss wanted him to stay for 2 whole weeks. But he said he'll try to talk to his boss. Maybe it can be reduced to 1 week.

I have runny nose right now. My eyes and nose are all itchy, I can't stop sneezing. Hope it all stops. Because I need to be strong these days onwards.

(Hmm, my post sounds serious. Can't help it - sorry guys).

Despite the complain (not exactly, just something I want to tell), I am thankful to Allah, Alhamdulillah for everything.

This is just one of my experiment using an iPhone app. Just some of the things beside my bed.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

~the year i reach 3 series~


Yeap, this year I'd be 30. End of January, not far ahead. I think I'm ready for it. But thinking I don't yet have any children, I don't want to be 30. Not for any other reason. Just that, full stop.

Shawl Gap, blouse and skirt Zara, bag Prada

Shawl Somerset Bay, dress ThePoplook, jacket Zara,
wedges Payless, bag YSL, necklace Topshop

Shawl Arzu, stripe short and pants Zara, shoes DKNY

Shawl Zara Man, top Dorothy Perkins

Shawl, top, boho skirt all Zara

Shawl Zara, linen bolero Laura Ashley, coral top F21
So that is all. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Alhamdulillah we get to live another year.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

~beijing fashion sense~

Assalamualaikum fellas,

Well, it's not really Beijing's, by my fashion sense to be exact. I just love mixing colours anywhere anytime. I don't really adore as much when it comes to Autumn/Winter fashions, as they tend to go towards nude, black, grey and sorts. Very natural, earthy toned colours. It's not like I don't wear them at all, it's just that mix and match can be quite fun!

Pashmina from Star Parade, Alor Setar, coral (almost red) cardigan Zara,
leopard printed top Promod, jeans DKNY, shoes LV

Floral shawl Paul Smith, jacket Esprit, turquoise pants Zara

Leopard printed shawl Queensbay Mall, Penang, jacket and striped top Zara,
cowboy pants Ralph Lauren

Pashmina Gurney Plaza, Penang, neon yellow top DKNY, others repeated

My favourite things (Gucci bag, Esprit jacket, Zara gloves)
taking a rest on the Great Wall (what am I talking?)

Seeing these pictures make me wanna go on vacation again :)


Thursday, December 29, 2011

~this should be anyone's 2012 resolution~


I love the beach..

But would the beach be loved in the years to come?..
I would always nag and nag (to Mister Partner that is).....
Why do people throw plastic drink bags outside their car while driving?
Why do people throw cigarettes on the street floor?
Why don’t people recycle their plastic containers?
Why won’t people clean up their own doing? Are they afraid that the city council might not have a job?
Why do people litter? Do they think what they’re doing is OK? Teeny tiny trashes only? Nobody would see?

The above pictures were taken at the Batu Feringghi beach. That was the only time I got to take pictures of them trashes. Because I did find many others. While I was riding my bike around my house, I found a bunch of polystyrene plates scattered next to the main road. Were they having a party by the road side? How could I help? How could anyone help? Because calling the city council would only settle that issue-at-the-moment. What if there are other littering act in the future? Would it be easier if each individual person acts responsibly? Do your part, if not taking care of other people’s trashes, take care of your own.
Does anyone of you remember? That when we’re in school (mostly I presume), we were trained to collect whatever trashes we found while walking, keep them in our pocket, and throw them into the trash can. Something difficult doing it now don’t you think?
Let’s help contributing indirectly (though it seems more directly) by throwing trashes in the trash can. IN the trash can, not near it.. not beside it. Savvy?
And let's make it our 2012 resolution!
Ciao ;p
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